Australian Emu Oil

American  Emu  Oil

 Clear  Emu  Oil

Extreme Cryo Gel

6-Gourds, Rack, Pole


12 - Gourds, 2- Rack, 15 Ft. Pole

Australian Emu Oil
American Emu Oil
Clear    Emu   Oil
Extreme Cryo Gel
6-Gourds, Rack, 15 FT.  Pole
12 - Gourds, 2- Rack,  15 FT. Pole
Molecular Distillation Oil Refinery

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Ginny's Cajun Store

Wholesale Prices to Everyone 

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  Ginny's Cajun Store has been selling Emu Oil Since 1998. We sell American  Emu Oil and  also sell Australian   Certified  Emu Oil all at Wholesale Prices.  We sell 1 0Z. Sizes bottles to  5 Gallon Sizes. NO ADDITIVES Certified Fully Refined Emu Oil.  We also sell Emu Oil Products  from Louisiana.

We now sell Beautiful Purple Martin Bird houses at Great Prices.    

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As seen on Oprah! 

 Sales of Emu Oil have skyrocketed  ever since Oprah Featured it on her TV show.  Emu Oil is the new wonder find.  You see it everywhere in expensive lotions, potions, serums, creams because, incredibly it actually works!

      Today emu oil is a Hollywood skincare secret used by stars including Goldie Hawn and Demi Moore. Emu Oil has even been featured on Oprah for its amazing skincare benefits. It is praised for it's intense moisturizing properties, anti-wrinkle effects and anti-inflammatory properties. Dry, chapped and wrinkled skin is magically transformed to a more youthful and radiant look.

     "Emu Oil makes you glow on Day One. Raved about in Vogue, adored by Oprah, Goldie Hawn, Angela Lansbury and Demi's considered one of the biggest beauty secrets from Down Under. If the idea of Botox injections has you running the other way, ease into aging naturally." - Chicago Tribune

Stop searching, you have just found
the BEST Age & Wrinkle Fading,
Moisturizing  Emu Oil  Available.

Your skin will soak up the nutrition
received from daily use of our  Emu Oil
This pure oil can be  use on the face safely around eyes and mouth to reduce fine lines and "plump up" skin for a more healthy youthful appearance naturally.

  We will offer nothing but the highest quality premium Emu Oil  to our customers! Always Fresh!  Always! 

We Ship Our our Emu Oil Products With The United States Post  Office and UPS Only 

We Ship Our our Bird Houses and Gourds  With The UPS  and Sell in U.S.A. Only 

We Sell our Emu Oil Products in the United States and Canada Only  


     A few drops of oil is all it takes to massage into the effected area. The skin should not feel oily when you are finished. If it does you have used too much. Emu oil will not stain your clothes. May be applied several times a day. Of course, this is just a suggestion. I keep a bottle on my desk, at the kitchen sink, the bathroom, and nightstand and just use several times a day!

Traits of high quality Emu Oil - 100% pure fully refined emu oil is a unique natural product. The best quality Emu Oil is cream to light yellow in color, nearly odorless, and tasteless or very bland.

Since our Emu Oil absorbs so quickly, it is the perfect moisturizer to use under our mineral makeup!            

 What my customers say
Below are a few of the many comments collected from my customers. Although my feedback is there for all to see it helps to know what conditions it has helped with.



This is not a question. It is a thank you for providing such great oil. My daughter, an infectious disease doctor, from time to time asks me to make up small bottles of emu oil for her to give certain of her HIV patients (some of these are homeless and it is cold here). One man she told me about had a lesion on his scalp. He used the emu oil and is convinced it helped to heal the spot. My daughter, like me, uses it on her face. Her skin looks great. My sister in west TX just began to use it and tells me that I knew "just what she needed" for walking in the wind! So, thank you.

Go well in all you do.


      Hi, I stopped using my prescription Rosacea cream (by Galderma) the day I got my emu oil. I use the emu oil twice a day now. I haven't had anywhere near the change in my Rosacea from the prescription cream that I've experienced from just a couple of days use of this amazing oil!
Thank you for making it available! I don't think I'll go back to the prescription cream . Thanks


    IT was amazing on my sunburn which was very red and sore. I put some on before I went to bed and by the morning the redness and soreness had gone down! Better than Aloe Vera!
- CJ, Allen 


Hey! This stuff works absolute wonders on rosacia! I had it real bad (like a chemical burn, ouch!) and nothing helped..til I found emu oil. It is a miracle! C.M.


       Ginny, just wanted you to know a relative had a rug burn which became infected and was given antibiotic ointment which helped minimally but after 2 apps. of the emu oil the spot totally healed(in 2 days).It actually looks a lot better.Thanks again.   Deb.


   A drunk driver hit me in 1993,I had a rotator cuff tear.Doctors could not heal.Then I moved to Nevada and got carpal-tunnel,doctors could not heal.A friend there told me about emu oil and to try it on both.At that time I was willing to try anything to help.I bought emu oil there from a person that raised emus.I started using it and it healed both the rotator cuff tear and carpal-tunnel now I am free from pain from them both.We moved to West Virginia and I brought lots with me.I even tried to get my family to use it for Arthritis with no success even getting them to try.I even gave them some of my emu oil and they still wouldn't try it.Their loss..I use it now just for a moisturizer. We use it for a moisturizer now instead of buying those so called moisturizers from the store.  Just a little goes a long husband even uses it on his dry feet and his feet stay soft now.  I use it on my animals because of flea bites and so on. I was almost out of the emu oil and thought about looking for it on eBay.Thanks for being there with it and selling.You can be proud for helping folks with emu oil.