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12- Gourd Purple Martin Gourds Complete Set

Comes with 12-Gourds, 2-Gourd Rack, 15Ft. Pole, 1-Ground Sleeve

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You Get Everything In The Picture At This Great Price.


This Set comes with 12  Plastic Gourds and  2-  Single Gourd Racks. It also comes with a 15 Ft. Quad-Tel Pole. There’s never been a pole like it! This multi-purpose pole can be used for hanging seasonal lights, a flag pole, your purple martin house, gourds, even as volleyball poles! The Quad-Tel Pole has so many uses, you’ll wonder what you did before you owned one.
 You get everything in the picture except the Martins.

For a different look, consider gourds for attracting Purple Martins! These roomy gourds each house one family.  The  BO Gourd begins with perches on the side, your choice of openings and plenty of room for a family. 8x6 inch Diameter nesting space! The Front also pops off easily for cleaning. They even make great Bluebird houses! Just secure them to a tree or pole, use a T-Post Mount and watch Bluebirds take them as their home!

  Gourd Features!
* Heavy Duty
* Opaque Body
* Limited Lifetime Warranty
* Starling Proof
* Clean-Out Hold
* Inspection Hole
* Constructed of High Density Polyethylen


Made specifically for Purple Martin Houses, Quad-Tel Pole is exactly what you need to compliment your birding area. When fully extended, it stands 15 feet tall! But its lightweight construction makes it easy to raise and lower any time of the year!

Every year, beginning in late January, purple martins begin the migration into the United States. During this same time, purple martin “landlords” are raising their purple martin houses in anticipation of their annual guests. Purple martin houses are not just a passing shelter for the birds during inclement weather; they are the place that a single colony will return to, year after year. Hence, owners of purple martin houses are referred to as “landlords.”

Erecting a purple martin bird house has as many benefits for humans as it does for the purple martin. Martins are the largest species of swallow, and they are completely reliant on humans for their shelter. In exchange for room and board, martin colonies will consume large quantities of flying insects, and they are immensely enjoyable to observe.

This is a great way to have a natural, insect control for around your house.

This is a must need item to attract these wonderful birds to your area. Once they occupy the house, they are like little guardians that eat all types of flying insects around your house including MOSQUITOES and Wasps, Hornets and Yellow Jackets.



 12-Gourds and 2- Single Gourd Rack + 15 Ft. Quad-Tel  Pole

You Get Everything In The Picture At This Great Price
 PRICE: $299.99 with Free
Shipping in USA