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     Our process used is state of the art Molecular Distillation. Below are some attributes about our processing technique. Molecular Distillation is a method of refining Emu Oil for “optimum” QUALITY, SAFETY and PURITY. Some major attributes are:· NO HEAT DEGRADATION Low pressure and a thermal residence time of less than one second protects against decomposition.

· HIGHER PRODUCT QUALITY This process can remove some color bonds, odors and excess reactants, adding value to your product.

Molecularly Distilled Emu oil is the purest and safest Emu oil you can buy. In addition to being fully refined to exceed industry Standards, the oil goes through the additional
step of being distilled. Why is this additional step so important to you?

Molecular Distillation Process is characterised by short residence time at the operating temperature, high heat transfer coefficient, absence of hotspots, possibility of continuous operation, low working pressures of the order of 0.001 mbar for maximum purity and quality.

The distillation process removes impurities that cannot be removed by traditional oil refining methods. The traditional method of refining Emu oil should remove peroxides, some bacteria and unwanted particulate. Molecular distillation does all that, and, in addition, it removes unwanted moisture, undesirable free fatty acids, any remaining unwanted particulate and bacteria, and, it accomplishes all of this without compromising the beneficial essential fatty acids found in Emu oil.

According to David Casilio, BSEE (Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering) from Clarkson University and Masters of Science in Manufacturing Technology from Rochester Institute of Technology, "to remove odor and not destroy the penetrating properties of Emu oil requires a special distillation process that lowers the pressure, which therefore lowers the evaporation temperature. It was found that a high vacuum centrifugal molecular still gave the best results."

We have learned, through advances in technology, that Molecular Distillation is the "future" of Emu oil in the marketplace. To be assured that you are buying and using Emu oil of the highest quality, safety and purity, look for the “Molecularly Distilled & Refined” Logo that appears at the top of the first page of this information page. Molecular Distillation has taken over the driver seat for consistent quality, safety and purity of Emu oil. As a consumer and valued customer, you deserve the best and we aim to deliver the best.

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